our history

I have always been a curious and restless person in search of new challenges and adventures. After many years at the head of a business group, I felt the need to change direction and find meaning in a more personal project, where I could capture and spread the values that life, friends and especially my family have transmitted to me throughout the years. over time.

In that search came the opportunity to make the aspiration of creating a new drink, Moonwater, a reality. I fell in love with the name from the first minute and without hesitation I got down to work. At first we were not very clear about the path, differences arose in the team, we had very different visions and finally we decided that I would be the one to continue with the mission and vision of the project.

As a compulsive drinker of traditional soft drinks, I was fed up with not finding a healthy and innovative alternative and now right in front of us, we had the great possibility of creating “The best healthy natural soft drink on the planet”.

But it is not just about doing business, Moonwater was born with the purpose of generating a positive impact with which to contribute to improving the quality of life of the planet and that of its inhabitants. We are very happy with the steps we are taking, we put our hearts at the service of teamwork, an incredible team that feels your commitment and shares the same values. We know that to achieve our purpose, we not only have to have an incredible product but we also have to endure, push ourselves to the limit and always persevere.

We will not give up until we bring Moonwater to every corner of the planet.

Thanks to all of you who support us on this exciting journey and Drink Different.

Our Design

Our logo and image is created by Óscar Mariné, designer, illustrator, typographer, Spanish artist and communication expert.

Drink Different

Creating better options is a good option.

You think that something is changing, new alternatives are possible. You say that you are going to start doing what you feel like because you know that in reality we are what we do.

A small daily gesture can be the trigger for a new possibility. A little betrayal is an opportunity to transform your way of drinking, of feeling, of living.

We are different because it is time to show that great opportunities arise from small changes.

Moon Lovers

The Moon is territory of dream and conquest.

We have watched it, idolized it, and even stepped on it, but above all else, we love its transformative power. The landing of man on the Moon has been one of humanity's most ambitious and complicated technological challenges. A feat that marks the creation of Moonwater in its desire to contribute to one of the greatest challenges we face today; improve the quality of life on our planet.

Just as Neil Armstrong's boots have left their mark for thousands of years due to the lack of erosion on the moon, our mission is to leave a positive mark on earth.

We want to transform the soft drink industry and to achieve a goal as ambitious as reaching the moon was, first you have to dream it because sometimes dreams come true.